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Government e Marketplace (GeM) is an online e-commerce portal which is operated & maintained by the government departments started in 2017 by the Indian government. Government E- Marketplace is a platform to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of goods and services required by different government departments, PSUs, and organizations in India.GeM having some facility like reverse e-auction, e-bidding, and demand aggregation to facilitate the government users to receive the best value or their money.

GeM online Registration handles all the purposes of seller Registration online, placing orders and payment procedures.GeM portal Registration as seller is an open support for all the suppliers who want to work with the government.

GeM Registration Process

Step 1

You need to provide the essential details and information about your business to the web portal.

Step 2

Then, discuss with our expert advisors on how to get GeM Registration to ensure you obtain it in a hassle-free way.

Step 3

We have qualified professionals who will assess and verify the validity of your documents and business details.

Step 4

Once all the details are vetted and verified by our experts, we will file the GeM Registration on your behalf.

Step 5

Following this, you will get OTP on registred mobile & Email, then our experts will update your company details.

Step 6

Successful registration of your business, you may start selling your products and services on the GeM portal.

Are You Stuck with Vendor Assessment?

Are you stuck on Vendor Assessment? Do you want to become an OEM on Gem?

We can provide you complete training and support for the gem portal. Our team of experts can guide you with all the solutions for the gem portal. With the completion if vendor assessment, we will active your OEM panel. We are GeM Portal Experts with 4+ years of Experience with GeM Portal.

Why Vendor Assessment is mandatory for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

Vendor Assessment is important because it evaluates the credentials of the seller and the quality standards followed during the manufacturing process

Exemptions granted under the following scenarios

· Annual turnover for the latest previous year is more than INR 500 Crores

· Have BIS License

· Organization Process is ZED Certified by QCI

· NSIC No for the product they intended to upload on GeM Portal

Note: In case the Product is Manufactured outside India but sold in India by the Indian Origin legal entity then they one should go for Deemed OEM instead of OEM. All the above exemptions apply to them also.

Summary Level Vendor Assessment Process:

· After registration on GeM portal, the OEM has to go for Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal itself. Basic Organization Details are to be filled. Product for which Vendor Assessment to be done is to be filled – Please note that as of now Seller Organization can add as many products as they want to get assessed in a single assessment

· An online fee has to be made to QCI for Vendor Assessment Process initiation. After the payment is processed, mail will be sent by QCI with user ID and password for starting the Vendor Assessment

Currently, there are 2 stage Vendor Assessment Process

A) Desktop Assessment – Following a set of detailed documents and explanations are to be filled in three broad level grouping:

· Information Block

· Details of Product

· Details of Firm

Once the relevant supporting documents are uploaded and details are filled, one has to click the submit button QCI will assign a SPOC for the account and will review the desktop assessment documents. In case of any further details required they will check with the Seller and data to be uploaded accordingly. Once the desktop assessment is cleared, mail will be sent by QCI for Video Assessment

B) Video Assessment – It is done through the Android Phone APP where the entire manufacturing process of the seller will be assessed by the QCI team based on the details provided in the desktop assessment. Once the Video Assessment is completed, Final Vendor Assessment Report will be uploaded in GeM Portal by QCI. Based on the report OEM Dashboard will be enabled by GeM wherein only OEMs can upload their products onto the Portal.

GeM OEM/Brand Creation & Updating of OEMs with following options under the OEM Panel:

· Raise the request for creation of Both OEM and Brand

· Raise the request for creation of Brand

· Raise the request for creation of OEM Please note that, all OEMs are allowed to access OEM Panel only after completing Vendor Assessment Process. Please note that relevant documents requested for creation of Brand need to be uploaded by the sellers. Please note that OEMs can request for OEM/Brand only for the existing catalogues in the system. If the catalogue is not available then, first process for creating new catalogue need to be completed and after the catalogue is created the request for OEM/Brand can be requested.

Deemed OEM - In case the Product is Manufactured outside India but sold in India by the Indian Origin legal entity then they one should go for Deemed OEM instead of OEM. All the above exemptions apply to them also.

Product / Service Publish

GeM is an e-commerce portal where products and services can be sold to government buyers when products and services are listed properly.

You must upload product images, product specifications, price details, delivery terms, inspection, and test reports, etc in order to sell your products on GeM portal.

Our professionals can help you list your products and services properly.

Indian Government has launched a very transparent e-commerce portal, referred to as Government e-Marketplace (GeM).

Any small dealer or a manufacturer who has a GeM registration in his business can access the wide platform. There he can sell his products and services to the distinguished buyers from the Government sector or PSUs, who have a huge requirement for his supplies. This system empowers these small traders and manufacturers to expand their business.

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM), is a business-friendly platform, that facilitates smart online procurement of Goods & Services required by the Government Departments, Organizations and PSUs.

Very importantly, upon the GeM registration process, the dealers, manufacturers and service providers have to list their products & services on their GeM login. This process is called Product listing on Government e-Marketplace. It’s only when the product listing is approved by the GeM Authority, that the GeM products of the seller will go live on the Government e-Marketplace.

Traders who have the GeM seller registration can then easily sell their products.

Procedure of product listing on Government e-Marketplace

Product listing on the Government e-Marketplace involves various steps. Only after successful approval, any product or service gets available on the GeM portal for sale.

Such steps may differ based on the type of GeM seller.

Tender Bidding / Bid Submission

We have observed the radical transformation in bidding processes, however, most of the company deprived of this opportunity since they are not aware of recent technological adoption that has brought seamless transparency and fast submission approval process.

- We understand the business and profile of the customer, as our service is personalized service, we assign a dedicated personal manager to the user, who manages the following tasks for the customer Whenever customer sends tender he wants to bid.

  • Study whole document and prepare a summary that includes eligibility criteria, Department requirement, payment terms and condition. This helps customers to identify right tender for bidding.
  • Preparing document for vendor registration
  • Proceeding for vendor registration with customer credentials.
  • Taking the follow-up with the department for any query. Also becoming a bridge between the user and department.
  • Uploading the document for tendering and suggesting rate.
  • Submitting tender online and offline. If required, also taking part in a reverse auction for the customer.
  • If the position is L1 than supporting customer to get Purchase order & Also taking the follow up for payment on behalf of the customer.
  • And if customer did not win than Also taking the follow up for EMD Refund on behalf of the customer.
  • Vendor Registration on any government procurement portal

    - Every department gives own identification to their vendor, before proceeding for PO, payment or any process company must need to be registered as a vendor of particular department. In many department, it’s mandatory to first register as a vendor than submission of tender is allowed.

    - This is one kind of personalized service, where a dedicated account manager will do an entire process of vendor registration on behalf of your company, you just need to provide demanded document. He will take follow up, setting communication with relevant people of the department, submitting documents online and offline timely. Make sure that you will get entitle for submitting of tender quickly.

    MSME / Udhyam Registration

    - The GeM portal introduced the Udyog Aadhar self-facilitated registration to promote MSMEs Sector in India and help MSMEs to get better business opportunities in just few clicks with minimal marketing and advertisement expenses.

    - GeM portal provide paperless and contactless business opportunity to Indian Sellers under ease of doing business in India in admist COVID-19.

    - GeM offers the opportunity to Indian MSMEs Registered Sellers to avial the various benefits of GeM Registration.

    1. Exemption in many tenders for EMD

    2. Exemption in many tenders for Work experience criteria

    3. Exemption in many tenders for Turnover Criteria

    Startup Registration

    - The government has run a very interactive platform for Startup aspirants on GeM. This is known as Startup Runway. The small traders and manufacturers can register themselves as startups on the Startup Runway and avail the growth opportiunities.

    - Startup Runway is a unique initiative of GeM for promoting entrepreneurship through innovation. It offers an opportunity to the agile and budding Startups to effectively reach out to the Government Buyers. It was launched on 19th February 2019 by the Union Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

    Trademark Registration

    - Trademark registration in India allows the applicant to use symbols or words to represent a business or the products that are offered by a business to distinguish the goods or services that are offered by them from the competitors. After the trademark is registered in India no other organization cannot use it as long as it remains in use.

    - The “™" symbol can be used with the trademark applicant with the brand once it is registered. Trademark registration is an asset for the company to protect the brand name it is necessary to apply for trademark registration in India. It is always better to obtain the trademark registration under the guidance of an expert as the process has various steps to be followed and also requires regular follow-up from the government.

    - India Filings has helped thousands of applicants across India to get their trademark registered.

    Digital Signature Certificate

    Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. ... Likewise, a digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove one's identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally.

    ISO Certification

    Certification can be a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers. For some industries, certification is a legal or contractual requirement.